Storm Central: Winter Weather Q & A

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jan 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-27 21:20:13-05

Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina are in for another round of snow this week. But what can you expect in your neighborhood?

NewsChannel 3’s Patrick Rockey is taking your winter weather questions.

Q. Patrick, my son would like to know how much snow can the Churchland area expect.
A. Right now, I wouldn’t be surprised by 5 to 6 inches of snow there, maybe a little more.

Q. Hey Patrick, out here in Holland (Suffolk). We are having some pretty strong wind gusts, should we expect this for the next few days?
A. The winds are howling right now because of the frontal passage. But it will be breezy for the next few days. Probably not as windy as this though.

Q. My weather radio has stopped giving weather reports. Is NOAA down? When will it be back up? Or is my weather radio broke?
A. Yes, the weather service is having issues with their antenna. They may periodically come back on the air because of the winter weather. But they don’t know when the antenna will be fixed.

Q. Are we expecting the icy roads like last week? I deliver supplies to Hospice patients on Wednesdays and Fridays and was just wondering.
A. Roads will certainly be slick because of the snow. But this should not last as long as the last snow because temperatures will be warming up quickly.

Q. When you give precipitation 80% what exactly does that percentage imply?
A. Technically, it means that snow is expected across 80 percent of the area.

Q. Do you think Virginia Beach high school will be closed?
A. Of course, we don’t make those calls. But if this forecast holds up, I’m certain that schools will be closing.

Q. What time is the snow expected to hit Hampton?
A. Right now it looks like between 3 and 4 tomorrow afternoon the snow should arrive in Hampton.

Q. What time will the snow start at Landstown in Virginia Beach?
A. The snow will likely be getting there between 2 and 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

Q. Patrick I am seeing 4-6 and then 5-8 and then 8-10 all different amounts for VA Beach. Can you give me a better guess as to what we can expect for VA Beach ?
A. Snowfall amounts will vary across Virginia Beach. Closer to the water I expect around 5 inches. Inland around Kempsville and Princess Anne, totals could be closer to 8 inches.

Q. How many inches of snow will Ahoskie NC get tomorrow?
A. We are forecasting between 4 and 6 inches in your area. Stay safe.

Q. How many days of school will the kids miss?
A. Tomorrow’s snow should not stick around as long. We expect temperatures on Thursday back in the mid 30’s. And around 50 on Friday. That should help clear the snow out and get the kids back to school faster.

Q. I have heard many different theories. Is it supposed to start tonight and snow all day tomorrow or start tomorrow and severely impact Wed?
A. We expect the snow to begin by mid afternoon tomorrow at last until early on Wednesday morning.

Q. What’s the chances of the low coming 20 miles west of your projected path and what accumulation effect would that have?
A. Anything is possible. The low could jog to the west which would increase our snowfall totals or it could move east which would drop them significantly.

Q. So how much snow do you think us night shifters will be dealing with when we get off work. I have an hour drive on a good day and will they close the Berkeley bridge crossing?
A. I think all of us that work at night are going to have to deal with a mess tomorrow night. That’s when I expect some of the heaviest snowfall. Be safe please.