Building ‘Mt.Snowmore’ costing Norfolk taxpayers thousands per day

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jan 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-30 19:08:54-05

Norfolk, Va. - The machines shove and scoop, coordinated like a metallic ballet. They dart back and forth as a queue  of cars snakes through.

“They scrape the snow. Dump it in here. I run it over here to Harbor Park. There's a big mountain over there,” says Mike Burston, a dump truck driver.

All the Downtown snow ends up behind the baseball stadium in an ever growing mountain.

Most of these drivers have never hauled snow before. For Eula Bibbins, who is also a driver, it's an easy gig.

“Oh, this is a piece of cake. It's real light,” says Bibbins.

She's used to hauling 17-ton loads of rock. She guesses a load of snow might weigh just five tons.

Both drivers guessed they'll make 20 runs to Mount Snowmore, expanding steadily along the river.

It's a lot of money, too. This operation costs Norfolk $30,000 dollars a day. And it's certainly a job unlike most these drivers have ever had.