PHOTOS: Norfolk inmates perform snow cleanup at Lake Taylor High School

Posted at 12:39 PM, Jan 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-30 12:40:50-05

Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Inmate Work Crews are helping the City of Norfolk bounce back from this winter storm, according to the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.

Crews are performing snow cleanup at Lake Taylor High School.

Four dozen Inmate Work Force Crews, along with their uniformed supervisors, went from storm preparation to storm recovery following the latest snow event.

Crews shoveled and sanded sidewalks at the City Hall complex, courts buildings, schools, multi-service center, Harrison Opera House, Attucks Theater, Harbor Park and other venues.

The Inmate Work Force, comprised of non-violent offenders who request the outside assignments, are not normally tasked with snow events, officials say.

The crews worked extremely hard in the challenging conditions and ensured that the city would bounce back from the storm, according to the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Bob McCabe said, “While members of my senior staff and I were out picking up deputies who needed rides to work due to impassable streets, our Inmate Work Crews were hard at work. I’ve never seen such a committed staff or witnessed such team work in action, as I did this week. I’m very proud of everyone – from our jail teams to the inmate work crews.”