Bus riders left out in the cold after HRT cancels bus services on Friday due to snow

Posted at 12:12 AM, Jan 31, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-31 00:12:17-05

Norfolk cleared its streets for cars, sending the snow to pile up on bus stops.

Because of it, Tom Holden with Hampton Roads Transit says bus service is canceled Friday.

"For those who are in wheelchairs or who are disabled in some way, it's just impossible and we have situations like this throughout Hampton Roads,” says Holden.

Light rail service resumed Thursday. There's no bus to catch once you get off the Tide, unless you want to wait until Saturday.

The thick pile of snow between the road and the sidewalk has canceled bus service in Norfolk for the third day in a row leaving thousands of people who wait there every day for a ride without one.

Now HRT says it nor the city of Norfolk have enough resources to maintain the bus stops and clear the sidewalks everywhere, so now Mother Nature has to take over and melt it completely.

The city did not respond to NewsChannel 3 when we asked why more wasn't being done to get buses going again.

"Do you feel like the city made a priority list and the people who ride the bus were sort of forgotten?" asked NewsChannel 3’s Reed Andrews.

"Honestly, that's how I feel because how could you not think about people who ride the bus? Everybody don't ride in a car; some people choose not to have a car,” said a customer.

Saturday's service isn't even a sure thing.

Friday's highs should melt a lot of the snow, how much and whether it's enough to get buses going is as unclear as the slush that lines the roads.