Some kids spend their snow days at Cloud 9 Trampoline Park

Posted at 12:21 AM, Jan 31, 2014

Chesapeake, Va. - Eight-year-old Holden is dealing with this no school in three days thing just fine.

These few snow days meant video games and some time well spent at Cloud 9 Trampoline Park.

His mom Stephanie is finding quite a few challenges in it all.

“My office never closes. I am still trying to do conference calls and actually work and I have three screaming kids in the house. So it's a challenge,” says Stephanie.

As a mom working from home for Blue Star Families, it can be a little hard to get tasks checked off the list, especially conference calls.

It’s not easy with a baby and two older guys hanging around for two days and now three.

But she feels for her friends who don't have the flexibility to work from home.

“They are just trying to balance vacation time. If you have got to go to work, you have got to go to work and there is nowhere to put your kids. What do you do?”