Baby who vanished from Wisconsin found in Iowa, police say

Posted at 1:00 PM, Feb 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-07 13:00:23-05

A newborn boy who was reported missing from a Wisconsin town this week has been found alive in a tote bag at an Iowa gas station, Steve Kopp, the chief of police in the Town of Beloit, Wisconsin, said Friday.

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The bassinet where newborn Kayden Powell slept is empty. A woman who left the Town of Beloit, Wisconsin, where he was staying around the same time he vanished is in jail on an unrelated charge more than 180 miles away. But that’s about as far as the facts go when it comes to the baby’s sudden disappearance.

Kayden went missing early Thursday, police say, just five days after he was born.

“It’s just killing me inside,” Kayden’s mother, 18-year-old Brianna Marshall, told CNN affiliate WTMJ. “I held that baby one time and that was the last time I seen that baby and held him.”

Authorities don’t know where Kayden is or who might have taken him. More than 40 officers, including FBI agents, are working the disappearance, CNN affiliate WISN said.

Investigators have no suspects, Kopp said Thursday. Police found no signs of a break-in, he said.

Iowa authorities are holding a woman on an unrelated fraud warrant who apparently showed up at the home where Marshall was visiting a sick relative on Saturday.

The woman allegedly said she was Marshall’s half-sister and that she, Marshall and the baby’s father would be moving to Colorado, according to CNN affiliate WKOW.

The woman left the home early Thursday.

Authorities have not described the woman as a suspect in the baby’s disappearance.

“She had baby clothing in her car, but the plan was for Kayden and his mother and his father to move to Colorado, so that’s the explanation for the baby clothing in the car,” WISN quoted Kopp as saying.