How to sign up for Chesapeake Alert System

Posted at 2:55 PM, Feb 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-07 14:58:37-05

Chesapeake Alert is Chesapeake’s new alert system.

Sign up now to be sure that the City can reach you during emergency situations.

While the new Chesapeake Alert shares the same name as the old system, the City can now provide a higher level of service to users, officials say. Even if you had an account in the old system, the City says it’s important that you register.

Why register?

Be reached in the earliest stages of an emergency.

Often, notification systems see a surge in registrations during an event. Those citizens missed the first messages sent out during the event. Be among the first to hear.

Customize your alerts.

The City currently has “white pages” and “yellow pages” information, which are basically publicly available telephone numbers, officials say. Registering allows you to add additional contact information (cell, text, email) and customize your alert priorities.

Receive alerts for different addresses.

You can choose to receive alerts that may affect your home, workplace, parent’s home, or any location in Chesapeake.

Sign up for community notifications.

Citizens can opt to receive non-emergency notifications related to specific areas, such as Public Works. If you registered under the old system before February 1, 2014, you must re-register by Creating a New Account and filling in your information.

This is a new system. You cannot log into it without creating a new account.

Click here to register.