Beach Police tried to tie third man to Decker killing

Posted at 7:14 PM, Feb 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-18 19:14:26-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Around the same time detectives charged Raymond Perry with murder, and months before they charged Kareem Turner, just-released court documents show Virginia Beach officers tried to link a third man to the killing of off-duty Norfolk officer Victor Decker.

The documents reveal the killer used a 9mm pistol.

Police found the used Winchester cartridge at the crime scene near an Oceana go-go bar where Decker was until closing. Police also recovered the bullet. A forensic examination gave police an idea of what companies might have made the murder weapon.

A lab report shows in May of 2012, examiners tried to match a gun taken from a person labeled a "suspect" to evidence collected at the murder scene. The gun did not match, and there was no further mention of the suspect's name. NewsChannel 3 is not identifying him because we could not find any records showing he was arrested in Virginia Beach. Police have never found the murder weapon.

Also Tuesday, a judge granted Turner's lawyers access to internal-investigation files kept on Decker by the Norfolk police department. Beach police say Decker was the victim of a robbery, but lawyers for both accused men say there could be some other motive.

Decker was involved in a fatal shootout in Norfolk, and Perry's lawyers say the married officer was having affairs.

Turner's lawyer told a judge today the only witnesses in the case are felons and jailhouse snitches who have told different stories about what happened, or what they heard happen. The attorney said prosecutors provided records showing police had interviewed more than 100 people after the officer's 2010 murder. Turner is scheduled for trial in March; Perry in September.


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