Beach superintendent finally answers questions about Saturday school decision

Posted at 4:36 PM, Feb 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-18 23:44:45-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Before the Virginia Beach School Board’s work session on Tuesday, NewsChannel 3’s Reed Andrews tried again to get answers from Superintendent Dr. Sheila S. Magula about why she made the decision to hold snow make-up days on Saturdays.

This was a decision that angered many parents in the city after the announcement was made weeks ago. One school board member, Joel McDonald, drafted a resolution to Dr. Magula's decision. He says he wanted her to waive the last two Saturdays. He says he'd rather use the three days that are built into the year already. The proposal failed on Tuesday night. Three voted for the measure but seven voted against it.

Magula says that no matter what she did, people would be angry.

"Don't add minutes to the day. Others are saying do add minutes to the day. And then others are saying don't take spring break, I've got these plans. Memorial day from the military," says Dr. Magula.

She says the three Saturdays that were picked were the ones that had the least number of things going on for students.

"This past Saturday, I can't tell you the number of teachers who said 'Oh thank goodness we've got this time to get these kids ready,'" says Dr. Magula.

They already have 183 days planned in their calendar year and the Commonwealth only requires 180 of those days. They’ve already made up two days including this past weekend on Saturday. According to numbers released on Monday, 78% of students actually attended this weekend.

The Education Association called on the superintendent to reconsider her decision.

On Tuesday night, parents made their voices heard about the issue. One Jewish mother was disgusted that these make-up days are being held on her Sabbath.

The next make-up day will be March 29th.


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