Virginia Beach School Board meeting to discuss Saturday school makeup days

Posted at 1:31 PM, Feb 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-18 13:33:45-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - Saturday snow makeup days will be up for debate tonight at the Virginia Beach School Board meeting.

Parents are expected to flood the meeting, demanding answers and pushing for the next two to be canceled.

They're already getting support from at least one school board member.

Virginia Beach School Board member, Joel McDonald, is taking action to cancel the school district's two remaining Saturday makeup days after the lack of attendance from the first one.

The Rose Hall representative will try to convince his fellow board members to vote in favor of his resolution, which would scratch the two scheduled Saturday school days and add flexiblity on how the school district decides to make up classes.

With the support of the Virginia Beach Education Association, he says the two Saturdays are not needed to meet state requirements.

"I'm all about going above and beyond, but to do so in a disruptive manner, you really have to question whether this is the right course of action."

Still - the superintendent, Dr. Sheila Magula, defends her decision, calling Saturday school the best option for students and staff even though more than 30 percent of students did not show up on Saturday.

McDonald will try to introduce his resolution tonight, but the board most likely will not take action on it until the next meeting, which is set for March 4.

The superintendent has refused every interview request from NewsChannel 3. Dr. Magula continues to avoid direct questions from NewsChannel 3 on behalf of parents and the community. Every day moving forward, NewsChannel 3 will attempt to interview the superintendent. Let us know what you would like to ask her.