Three arrested after police find drugs, guns in vehicle during traffic stop

Posted at 7:40 PM, Feb 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-20 19:40:54-05

Newport News, Va. - Three people have been arrested in Newport News after police found drugs and guns inside their car during a traffic stop along with two young children.

"It is illegal to possess it, but you know there are children in the car and there's weapons and drugs, so it is not a good combination or situation," says Newport News Police spokesperson Holly McPherson.

Police say the car was pulled over on Denbigh Boulevard because it had a broken windshield.

Tiffany Widder, 26, with her two children in the car, was driving and police say she had marijuana on her.

Police say they found guns on her passengers, as well as more marijuana on Nico Lackland, and hidden underneath one of the kid's car seats, with the child in it.

Police say the children in the car belonged to the woman, but she was the only one not charged with child neglect.  Police say the two men were charged with child neglect because they were carrying guns.

The Commonwealth's Attorney was spoken to and they advised because these individuals, males, had weapons on them at the time, they felt they needed to be charged with child neglect.

Along with child neglect, Nico Lackland and Kenneth Freeman, both 20, are charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

"They should not be doing it period, but to have children in the vehicle, weapons and drugs, it is unacceptable," McPherson says.