Update: Beach Police say no validity to rumored threats to Bayside High School

Posted at 10:37 AM, Feb 26, 2014

Virginia Beach Police officers and detectives spent Wednesday at Bayside High School investigating possible threats made to the school via social media.

Police say information was obtained through a third party that there may have been a threat made on school property, and the threat was then posted on a social media site.

Detectives deemed that there was no validity to the rumored threat.

They are continuing their investigation.

The following message was sent to Bayside High parents via the Alert Now system:

"Parents, this is Jim Miller, principal of Bayside High School. As you are aware, we live in an era of social media. Most of the time social media communication is a good thing. However, every once in a while challenges can arise from its inappropriate use. Unfortunately, that is the case now. Police are investigating social media rumors about a possible threat to our school. They have identified at least some of the individuals involved and are talking with them. At this point, there appears to be no credible threat to our school; that the matter seems to be largely one of students passing on speculation. I would ask that you talk to your children about the importance of not participating in such conversations or re-posting rumors. Very real consequences can be the result – including  criminal charges and student discipline at school.  That being said, should you or your child become aware of any possible threat to our school, please advise school administration or the police immediately. The safety of students and staff remains our number one priority and you are an invaluable partner in that regard. As always, thank you for your support."