Beach man accused of pointing rifle at 11-year-old hunter and grandfather in Suffolk

Posted at 2:15 PM, Feb 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-28 20:30:28-05

Suffolk, Va. – Police have charged Rodrigo Clima, 58, with abduction and kidnapping after they say he held two hunters at gunpoint.

Clima, a worker at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, was arrested Thursday, but police say the incident happened back in November.

Court documents obtained by Newschannel 3 show Clima’s victims were a grandfather hunting with his 11-year-old grandson on Butler Drive.

According to the court documents, the little boy was sitting on the ground and said he was waiting on a deer to come out of the woods, but Clima came out of the woods instead and pointed a rifle at the little boy`s chest and demanded he put down his gun and put his hands in the air.

The documents go on to state the grandfather saw Clima and walked up to him, “Clima then pulled a 45 caliber handgun from his shoulder holster” and pointed it at the grandfather forcing him to unload his gun onto the ground.

Then the documents show he forced the grandfather “to dry fire the weapon at the ground to make certain that the weapon did not have any ammunition in the chamber of the shotgun.”

The grandfather told police he “was afraid that he would be shot and killed if he did not comply.”

Police say Clima eventually walked away from the hunters leaving both of them uninjured but very scared.

The court documents do not say anything about Clima’s motive, and police told Newschannel 3 he does not even live in the area, but in Virginia Beach.