Elizabeth City’s “Operation Double Down” cracks down on illegal drug sales

Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-06 17:15:50-05

The Elizabeth City Police Department conducted a large scale drug roundup on Thursday after several months of undercover buys.

The Department’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit began the undercover campaign last summer. It was aimed at taking street-level drug dealers off the street.

Two police officers from jurisdictions outside the city, played the part as they drove through the City and purchased illegal drugs from several pre-determined locations where drug activity had taken place.

The officers made purchases from 21 individuals. Warrants were sworn against them on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers took to the streets on Thursday morning with packets detailing the names of those who had warrants filed against them along with their probable locations.

By noon, 12 of the individuals had been picked up, processed, and placed in the Albemarle District Jail.

Officers found individually packaged bags of marijuana and a .25 automatic handgun on arrestee Daniel Hickson. Some ran, others hid in houses and one even under a crib.

Others are expected to turn themselves in or will be found by nights end.

Police say a “buy bust” was also conducted on Wednesday afternoon. Officers again went out to purchase illegal narcotics, but made arrests as the deals were made.

Three arrests were made in two hours during this phase.

A third phase was also conducted, which resulted in the arrest of five individuals wanted for a number of other unrelated charges such as, child support, larceny, motor vehicle charges, assaults, fraud cases and so on.

A breakdown of all the arrests are as follows:

Phase I Buy Busts                             02/05/2014

Jeffery Davis    -dob 5/14/87

Major Crutch   -dob 1/6/86

Caricko Bryant  -dob 1/10/90

Phase II Round Up                           02/06/2014

  • All of the following were arrested for Possession With the Intent to Sell and Deliver Schedule VI Controlled Substance (Marijuana) and Sale and Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana)

Maurice Sentell Mallory  -dob 1/12/88

Darryl Mullen Jr.   -dob 12/12/90

Alderick Thatch    -dob 09/20/88

Tacorius Sutton  -dob 9/29/91

Antwon White   -dob 7/6/88

Tykee Cooper   -dob 7/27/91

Daniel Hickson   -dob12/27/81

Donnie Hyder   – dob 12/04/90

Kahari Hopson  -dob 2/18/96

  • All of the following were arrested for Possession With the Intent to Sell and Deliver Schedule II Controlled Substance (Crack Cocaine) and Sale and Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Crack Cocaine)

Andrew Brown Jr.  -dob 3/13/79

Darryl Barcliff   -dob 8/3/86

Dominque Spence  -dob 2/27/89

Phase III Warrant Operation       02/06/2014

Clarence Edward White Jr. -dob 11/17/76     Larceny by Employee

Thomas Stokley  -dob 4/12/93  Driving While License Revoked

Richard Steadman  -dob 1/22/80    Probation Violation

Jerry Wallace   -dob 3/31/66   Larceny/Possession of Stolen Goods

Dinari Lindsey   – dob 4/11/88   Assault Inf. Injury/Strangulation/Larcen