Girl home from hospital after pit bull attack

Posted at 11:23 PM, Mar 12, 2014

Newport News, Va. - There were more than 200 stitches in the head of 6-year-old Yonni DuBose after a pit bull attacked her.

"Is there a sense of guilt, how does the family feel?" a man who lives inside the home of the dog's owner was asked.

"Nah, no sense of guilt, it's, we feel sorry for what happened to tell you the truth we do. We do have remorse because I would hate to have that happen to anybody," said Wayne Carter, the dog owner's fiancé.

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The pit pinned Yonni, before piercing the first grader's ankle so badly she's on crutches.

Yonni came home from the hospital on Wednesday. The dressing on her head has to be changed three times a day and she says she's worried her classmates will tease her since half her hair is gone.

The 3-year-old pit bull "Cush" has a violent past. Newport News Animal Control says it bit two children since last May.

In one case witness accounts differed greatly on whether the dog was provoked. In November's incident, the victim's parent declined to press charges.

Carter wouldn't say what set the dog off this time, he wasn't home when Yonni was mauled by Cush Sunday afternoon.

The dog was surrendered by its owners today, and will be put down within the next week.

"It was pretty tough on her because the dog ain't really violent but somehow something went crazy," Carter said.

Charges to Carter's fiancé are pending an investigation. The dog that attacked Yonni was behind on its rabies shots, so Yonni is not only recovering from the attack, but also has to be treated to see if she has rabies.