IOW dogs deemed dangerous; owners must meet requirements

Posted at 7:16 PM, Mar 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-13 19:16:49-04

Isle of Wight, Va. - Even upwards of $1,000 won't stop Celine Fulmore and Dana Brewer from bringing their three dogs home.

"We just want to bring our babies home and they will be home just as soon as we can get them. There's nothing going to stop us. That's my kids you know,” Fulmore says.

In court Thursday, an Isle of Wight judge found enough evidence to deem the animals dangerous.

That requires the two to follow specific guidelines laid out by the state. This is something even the judge admitted can be costly.

"We don't have the money really that's for sure but we will find it. We will find it somewhere for these dogs. Like I said, they’re our family,” Fulmore says.

Fulmore and Brewer's dogs are behind a vicious attack last month that left a 10-year-old girl without her best friend, Shadow.

NewsChannel 3 took action for Shadow's owners when they thought nothing was being done, getting them answers from Animal Control.

Three weeks later, the judge deemed them dangerous. But the two still insist they're not.

“I would recommend anybody in Isle of Wight County or outside of this county, while my dogs are still at animal control, go visit my dogs. See how mean my dogs are. Come by my house anytime you want to see how mean and vicious my dogs are. You'll get licked to death,” Fulmore says.

As ordered by the court, Fulmore and Brewer have so many days to comply with each of the eight guidelines laid out in court documents including applying for dangerous dog tags, registering their dogs as dangerous, keeping them confined when on their property and leashed and muzzled when they’re not and obtaining $100,0000 in liability insurance to cover dog bites.

Until at least some of those guidelines are met, the dogs will remain in the custody of animal control.

While they may not have the money to make that happen now, Fulmore and Brewer say they'll figure it out before the March 28th deadline.

“I would get them this minute if I could.” Fulmore added, “We just want to bring them home and for them to be safe because we've had some issues with people wanting to threaten them.”


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