Medication thefts from Virginia Beach ambulances investigated

Posted at 9:57 PM, Mar 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-14 06:10:22-04

Virginia Beach, Va. – Police in Virginia Beach are investigating after they say someone has been swiping medicine from ambulances in the city. Officials say this is only the second time this has happened over the last two decades.

On Monday, a crew from the General Booth Fire and EMS station found that a medication box had been tampered with on one of the ambulances. They say medication including morphine was missing.

They checked other ambulances and found open medication boxes at that location and at the Courthouse station.

The kits were restocked and the ambulances returned to service.

When crews arrived on Tuesday during the day, they found that a box had been tampered with again. This happened at the General Booth station.

They increased monitoring and detectives continue to investigate.

During a spot check on Thursday, another box was found opened with narcotics missing.

Police continue to investigate this case and they’re now looking at security procedures.