Red light, green light: Is your city forcing you to run red lights?

Posted at 7:43 PM, Mar 19, 2014

A NewsChannel 3 investigation continues to get results for drivers in Hampton Roads.

The investigation into Norfolk shaving yellow light times at camera intersections helped a Navy sailor successfully fight his ticket and it looks like more people are following his example.

That same report has AAA saying they plan on taking action too by making sure all red light cameras put in place in Virginia are on the level made to keep people safe, not a cash cow for local governments.

Today we took action for NewsChannel 3 viewers concerned about the green light times at the intersection of Little Creek Road and Chesapeake Boulevard – a red light camera intersection.

Robert wrote:

“I was attempting to turn left from Little Creek Road onto Chesapeake Blvd. south.  The left hand turn light did not turn green. I waited 3 cycles and then made an illegal U-turn.”

Dranan also saw problems with that same green light.

She wrote:

"I`d like to point out the left turn lane from east bound Little Creek onto north bound Chesapeake Blvd. Though I haven`t actually timed it, the light turns green and, at best, three cars may get through before it turns yellow. Certainly gives the appearance of pushing people to run the short yellow light.”

NewsChannel 3 took action and contacted the City of Norfolk, asking about the green light times.

A City of Norfolk spokesperson responded saying the green light times were not changed at either red light camera intersection.

They went on to say that the actual green times at these traffic signals vary depending on time of day, day of week, traffic volume and pedestrian activity.

As for that particular light, Norfolk says they had complaints about the short green light time and according to them, “the culprit was a stuck pedestrian pushbutton call.”

They say it was fixed and they have not gotten any more complaints.

If you see any more irregularities in any red light intersection in any Hampton Roads city, let us know!