Family: Missing woman may have had affair with accused killer

Posted at 7:08 PM, Mar 20, 2014

Norfolk, Va. - Since her mother went missing in early March, Precious Powell says her family has been overwhelmed with tips--but one stuck out, having to do with a man Rosa Powell was spotted with frequently in Norfolk.

“People were telling us they had seen them together, but never saw his face; they were together at the bus stop,” said Powell.

Norfolk police kept tight lipped about their investigation, never telling NewsChannel 3 that foul play might have been involved in this 43-year-old mom's disappearance.

In a search warrant though, filed in Norfolk Circuit Court on March 11th, it’s clear police thought she could have been abducted.

Detectives wanted access to her phone records because they thought Rosa had been taken and was being held against her will.

Four days later, they found her body near a pond off Roberts Road, difficult news for Rosa's long-time boyfriend, Charles Boone.

“The medical examiner told us at that point, she was in the water, and they don’t know how long she had been in the water,” said Boone.

“We can't even see her face, it’s terrible. We can’t even see her period, so now we have to have a closed casket,” said Powell.

Five days later, news broke of an arrest in the case.

Rosa's daughters didn't know who Cortez Scott was and why he knew their mother until they got a phone call from a close family friend Wednesday night.

“She is telling my sister that  she knew my mom and this man were messing around,” said Powell. “My sister asked her how she knew this guy and she said he was her nephew.”

“It hits me hard. It makes me sad that she would go out and do something with another man,” said Boone

Norfolk police have yet to explain to the family why Cortez Scott would have wanted to murder Rosa, or even how he might have killed her.

Now, her family will have to bury her without those answers. Rosa Powell’s funeral is this Friday at Metropolitan Funeral Home in Norfolk.

“That’s ridiculous, she is my mom. We should know what happened to her,” said Powell.


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