Accused animal hoarder: ‘I take better care of my dogs than anybody takes care of their kids’

Posted at 11:27 PM, Mar 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-26 06:28:56-04

Terry Shinaberry's house, where he kept more than 60 dogs, is far from clean.

"You don't see dog (poop) everywhere," said Shinaberry.

The 58-year-old stays in his living room with the handful of Australian Shepherds he still has.

"Are you a hoarder?" Shinaberry was asked.

"No, I'm a breeder," Shinaberry replied.

Monday Shinaberry gave up most of his dogs. He's been charged with animal cruelty.
Sadness took over as he surrendered his pets. The Humane Society says some of the dogs were emaciated.

"I take better care of my dogs than anybody takes care of their kids," Shinaberry said. "Especially around here. These are my children. This is my family."

Shinaberry says he was overwhelmed, admitting he had too many dogs.
But he insists he was able to give them proper care.

"If they take everything from a man who has nothing else to lose what do you do then?" Shinaberry said, fighting off tears. "It's a very dark path to go."

His legal troubles started after a vet deemed a puppy he had just sold to someone malnourished.

Shinaberry says he would take in special needs dogs from other breeders he calls careless.

"After what they've done to me and tried to make me look like I'm some kind of monster cause this is what I do," Shinaberry said. "No. I'm done with those people. If they got a bad dog they're going to have to take it somewhere else."

Shinaberry says he's too old to breed any more dogs. He's left in a house full of dog supplies, devastated he only has five of his beloved Aussies.


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