Muttbombing to win hearts & forever homes

Posted at 6:06 PM, Mar 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-26 18:06:51-04

New Orleans, LA (WGNO) — You’ve heard of “photobombing” but have you ever been “muttbombed?” Dogs at an SPCA in New Orleans are taking over your Instagram selfies to win your heart and be a part of your family.

As entertaining as it looks, the perfect way to ruin a good picture is to photobomb, but there’s a new breed of photobombers that no one seems to mind.

“It’s great. I think people find it irresistible to respond and maybe share what we’ve done to them?” said Jacob Stroman, Programs Director at Jefferson SPCA.

It’s called muttbombing!

An adorable new way to use social media to boost pet adoptions.

A Dallas animal rescue group called, Dallas Pets Alive, started the trend. They take instagram photos that belong to either celebrities or ordinary people, use Photoshop to crop the face of an animal that needs a home, and include a hilarious caption.

“They’re getting incredible responses from A-list celebrities, so I really think it’s shining a spotlight on adoptable pets and getting them a lot of visibility they wouldn’t normally get,” Stroman said.

It’s genius marketing.

So the Jefferson SPCA is trying it out for themselves, and no one is safe.

Bradly, looking for his hero, found me in my superman snuggie.

They even got Fleurty Girl!

“You see this photo and we take it, and we muttbomb you, and now there’s an animal there instantly in your life, and it looks like it fits right in,” Stroman explained.

Artist Terrance Osbourne had no idea what was coming his way.

“You’ve been muttbombed Terrance. My name is Bridgette, and I was a stray dog picked up by police officer, but those days are long behind me. Now I’m ready for my knight in white linen to strut down Julia Street with,” Terrance read. “That’s too funny.”

“I painted a cat on the painting behind me and then the dog filled that space,” he explained. “So I was pointing at the dog. I thought that was cool. It’s a clever idea.”

For Terrance who already has three dogs, adopting another is not an option, “but it will definitely convince me to be an advocate,” he said.

Although muttboming sounds exclusively for dogs, cats will have their day too.

“So catbombing is not out there yet, but we’re always open to trying that out as well,” Stroman adds