Murder on the Mahan: Who did the shooter work for?

Posted at 7:21 PM, Mar 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-28 19:21:40-04

Jeffrey Savage parked a truck at Pier 1 with no problems. He boarded a warship, grabbed a sentry's gun, killed a second sailor, and then died in a shootout.

The Navy said he worked for a company called "Majette Trucking." But that's not as clear as it sounds. The only 'Majette Trucking' listed in federal records is in North Carolina, but the Navy says that's not the one.

There is no Virginia company with that name, and no trucking company like that in DMV records. However, there is a small business in Virginia Beach called Majette Trucking .

Owner LaBarbara Majette says she lets another company use her truck.

"I lease my trucks out to Railport. So I never met Jeffrey. I don't know Jeffrey, he only worked for us for three days. So I don't know anything about him. Anything y'all need to know, you need to go to Railport," says Majette.

Railport Services in Chesapeake is a local office for a national company. At Railport's parent company in Florida a company official said he had no information that Savage did any work for them.

So somehow, a truck driver with a violent and lengthy criminal history easily got on base. But it's not as easy to figure out who hired him, or why he was driving the truck the night he committed murder on the Mahan.