Taking Action Against Hunger in Gloucester County

Posted at 7:07 PM, Mar 28, 2014

Gloucester, Va. - NewsChannel 3 took action to help fill empty shelves at a Gloucester County middle school with food, so students won't go hungry.

"We have many students who come to us and tell us that they're hungry or they haven't eaten breakfast," said Ginny Wilburn, Principal of Page Middle School.

Students at Page Middle meet in modular trailers for class every day after their campus was hit hard by a tornado back in April 2011. But some students are having an even harder time at home without much to eat.

"We're teachers and we're here for our students. And if our students are not well-nourished, well-rested, and in a position where they can learn in the classroom, then they're not going to be successful.  So that's what we're trying to do," said Craig Doolittle, teacher at Page Middle School.

Doolittle emailed NewsChannel 3, telling us about the need not only at Page Middle but also in other schools in Gloucester County. In fact, about 250 students county-wide take part in a backpack program. Every Friday, teachers and staff stuff backpacks with food for students who have little to eat at home, packing enough food to last through the weekend.

But with shelves going empty, NewsChannel 3 took action, buying cereal, juice, soup and other items for the program.  Then, we delivered the items to the school, but that's not all.  NewsChannel 3 took action by donating $500 to Gloucester County Public Schools to be distributed among the other schools participating in the backpack program.

"It will provide for a lot of Gloucester County students.  Thank you," said Christina Mahoney, school psychologist.

Gloucester County is not the only school district in Hampton Roads that has a backpack program.  If you would like to help students near you, contact your local school to find out.