Neighbors say Newport News mom charged with abuse is a ‘good mother’

Posted at 12:10 PM, Apr 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-02 23:19:45-04

Newport News, Va. - Police say a Newport News mother left bruises on her 7-month-old baby boy. The reported abuse landed 31-year-old Jamie Cox behind bars.

However, her neighbors in Newport News paint a much different picture of Cox.

"I’d be shocked,” says Randy Freeman, who has known Cox for more than a decade. “I'd really be shocked."

"I just think these charges are ridiculous," says Rita Crall, who lives across the street.

Crall She says Cox is a first-time mom and would often come over for help.

"Jamie has always been very good to that baby,” she says. “Whenever I been over there to babysit for her, that baby has been very well took care of. I don't think she would harm that baby."

Back in February, investigators say Cox brought her son to the hospital. Staff there told police that the baby boy had bruising on his face and lower abdomen--signs of possible abuse. On Monday, after a month long investigation, police had warrants out for her arrest. Tuesday Cox turned herself in.

"I can't see that being her but you know sometimes people do things you don't expect them to,” Freeman says.

Neighbors say Cox shared custody with the baby's father, who did not live with them.

"I’m praying that the truth comes out because she is a good mother," Crall says.