Manager of store men tried to rob: “Thank God they weren’t bright”

Posted at 6:40 PM, Apr 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-07 18:40:12-04

Edenton, N.C. - Saturday night, two men tried to rob Famous Subs on N. Broad St.

It was 10:25 p.m.  The restaurant had just closed and employees were cleaning up for the night when a man walked in and demanded money.

He was wearing a mask and armed with a gun.  Another man waited outside in a getaway car.

From that point on, though, it didn't proceed like a typical robbery.

The employee walks to the back, telling the robber to hold on a minute and he does.

"He just stands there like, 'yeah, take your time,'" said Ana Salazar, manager.

She wasn't there at the time, but learned what happened after talking to employees and watching the surveillance video.

The man continues to wait at the counter for more than two minutes as employees and the store's owner call 911 from the back.

Police say a witness even saw him try to load his gun at one point, but eventually, he just gives up altogether.

"He just decided I guess he didn't want to rob the place anymore," said Salazar.

On his way out, he didn't even try to go for the cash register or a tip jar and wallet sitting on the counter.

When he goes outside, the employees and owner follow him, trying to keep the men from driving off by blocking the car with their own.

They were able to get away, but police caught up to them an hour later.

Police say they arrested Antoine Thomas, who was the one inside the shop, and David Sydnor who was in the getaway car.  Both are from Newport News.

Thomas is charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon.  Sydnor is charged with aid and abet attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Police say Thomas later told officers that he saw the robbery was not going as planned and decided to just give up and leave.

"I thank God they weren't bright," said Salazar.