Father charged with neglect denies kids were soaked in urine

Posted at 11:56 PM, Apr 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-10 06:15:18-04

Newport News. Va. - Victor Jackson, 32, is charged with child neglect. Newport News police say they found his children covered in urine while on a boat at the marina near the James River Bridge.

"They wet the bed you know?" Jackson said. "That's just a fact. Kids wet the bed at five and seven the seven-year-old probably wasn't the one covered in urine."

Jackson says his ex-wife was the one who called police, in an attempt to prevent him from seeing his two boys.

"Almost as if she didn't want me to be their father anymore," Jackson said.

Monday morning at the Leeward Marina, police took the two children off Jackson's boat. Officers also say there was a loaded gun was on the table.

"They were 15 feet away from it and they were sleeping," Jackson said. "And I was about to put it in my holster and next thing I know somebody breaks in my boat."

While Jackson says it was his youngest who wet the bed, police say it was his older son who was covered in urine. Police say he didn't have a change of clothes available, he was left to wear just a life jacket, an accusation Jackson vehemently denies.

"They snatched my children off the boat and they did not give the children the decency as I tried to before they snatched them up," Jackson said. "I gave them a morning bath and breakfast and did not give them the decency to put their clothes on."