Makeup allowed, but how many trials Tonya Bundick will face is undecided

Posted at 1:46 PM, Apr 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-11 09:10:46-04

Accomack County, Va. (WTKR) – Just how many trials accused Eastern Shore arsonist Tonya Bundick will face is still undecided.

Bundick was back in Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday for a motions hearing.

She faces 62 more counts of arson beyond the one count of arson and one count of conspiracy to commit arson she was convicted of in January during a trial in Virginia Beach.

Bundick entered an Alford plea in that case.

In court Thursday, defense attorney Allan Zaleski requested separate trials for the 62 remaining counts, a move opposed by Commonwealth’s Attorney Gary Agar.

“Here what we have under the evidence is these crimes were being committed to maintain a relationship,” Agar stated in court.

The relationship Agar refers to is with Bundick’s co-defendant Charlie Smith, who entered a guilty plea to the 68 arson and conspiracy charges against him last year.

However, Judge Glen Tyler didn’t issue a ruling on the separate trials motions Thursday.

Instead, he wants to wait and review transcripts of Bundick’s testimony and Smith’s testimony during her January trial, as well as a transcript of Smith’s taped confession with police in April 2013 before issuing a ruling.

The other motion argued Thursday had to deal with Bundick’s appearance at any future trials.

Zaleski filed a motion that Bundick should be allowed to fix her hair and put on make-up.

He said that she did not have that opportunity before her January trial, after being transferred from the Eastern Shore Regional Jail to the Virginia Beach City Jail.

Judge Tyler saw no issue with the request, within reason.

“I see no reason whatsoever why she cannot be permitted to do what ladies do - which is wash their hair, groom themselves, put on makeup,” Judge Tyler said in court from the bench.

“Now we aren't going to bring a hairdresser in to reinstate highlights in her hair which she has had,” he continued.

Judge Tyler also said that any future jury trials would be held in Virginia Beach, instead of Accomack County.

No trial dates have been set for Bundick.

Smith is also still awaiting sentencing.

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