Beach Pharmacy murder suspect talks from jail

Posted at 12:57 PM, Apr 15, 2014

The man police say shot and killed a respected Virginia Beach pharmacist spoke to NewsChannel 3 from jail on Tuesday.

Walter Lane Hubbard, 55, is accused of murdering the owner of Beach Pharmacy,46-year-old David Kilgore, during a robbery attempt on Monday, April 14th. 

Hubbard then reportedly attempted to rob another pharmacy before leading police on a chase across Virginia Beach.

It ended near Witchduck Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard.

In an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 3's Todd Corillo from behind bars, Hubbard seemed to only remember certain details about Monday's events.

When asked "What happened?" Hubbard responded, "I don't recollect a lot of it."

Hubbard admitted that he was under the influence of prescription drugs at the time and that he had gone to the pharmacy to get more.

"I needed some more and I didn't have the money," Hubbard said.

During the interview, Corillo asked "Take us through what happened yesterday. What do you remember?"

To which Hubbard responded, "I just remember the police jumping on me in the middle of the street. Broke my nose. Tore my hands up. Tore my knee up. Could have been a lot worse though."

"So in between when you went into Mr. Kilgore's pharmacy and when police arrested you, do you have any recollection of that time period?" Corillo asked.

"Not a whole lot, no," Hubbard responded.

When asked about the car he was driving and the gun that was used, Hubbard claimed he had no idea where he had gotten them.

"Whose car were you driving yesterday?" Corillo asked.

Hubbard responded, "I'm not even sure."

"So did you steal it?" Corillo followed up.

"I don't even know," Hubbard declared.

Corillo responded, "So you're telling me you don't remember how you got that blue Honda that you were driving yesterday?"

To which Hubbard said "That's what it was? I'm not sure."

Court documents say Hubbard climbed through a window of a neighbor's house and took a gun and car keys before heading to the pharmacy.

NewsChannel 3 also uncovered a protective order against Hubbard by his wife, which he's accused of violating three times in March.

However, Hubbard didn't have a problem bringing her up on his own during the jailhouse interview, yet he didn't mention David Kilgore until pressed by Corillo.

"I'd like to say that I wish my family well my kids and my wife but at this time this is all I can tell you," Hubbard said.

To which Corillo responded, "What do you have to say to the family of Mr. Kilgore?"

Hubbard paused before saying "I'm very sorry."

Hubbard was arraigned in Virginia Beach Tuesday afternoon.

He's due back in court in May.