Councilwoman fighting to make Sandbridge Road safer

Posted at 8:04 PM, Apr 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-19 10:04:37-04

Councilwoman Barbara Henley says the windy--two lane narrow roads in her district can be unforgiving.

“If you slip off the road and make a mistake then you can be in big trouble,” says  Jonathan Cupples who lives nearby.

This is true particularly, Sandbridge Road where 5 people have died just in the last two weeks.

It brings a heavy heart to one councilwoman who is fighting for major improvements on these roads

“It's a great burden, but I feel for all the folks that have been involved in these tragedies  and all of the other folks involved in accidents that didn't have fatalities. I just want them to know I'm on top of it and trying to get something done the best I can.”

She's in the middle of budget negotiations with her other councilmen and discussed this very issue at a meeting on Tuesday. The city has made some improvements, widening portions of the road adding more signs and reflectors. But Henley wants more. She’s pushing for improvements on Princess Anne, Indian River and Sandbridge. One of those projects would start at the curve where Wednesday’s deadly accident happened.

“The difficulties that I'm having and letting the rest of the council realize that we have problems here that we really need to be working on,  and we are working on them with these safer improvements incrementally  there are just so many areas that we need to be addressing.”