Woman’s quick decision saves her life during Friday’s tornado

Posted at 9:46 PM, Apr 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-29 12:23:52-04

An Elizabeth City woman lost her home in Friday's tornado. She wasn't home when the storm hit. She says God told her to leave her home hours before the tornado touched down in her neighborhood.

"I always keep a bag packed in case with the wind come up, I'm gone," said Elizabeth Sutton. "I can't stay back there with all them trees."

She's staying with family, something that's difficult for a woman who is fiercely independent.

"Cause I been on my own, ever since I could get on my own," Sutton said.

Three days after the storm, her faith hasn't waned. Friends have dropped off a slew of donations. Bag after bag now fill her sister's apartment where she's staying.

"I said thank you Jesus," Sutton proclaimed. "Throw my hands up and said thank you Jesus."

Elizabeth Sutton's spirit and optimism isn't going away. If it can survive a tornado, it can survive anything.