Victims of Friday’s tornado get supplies, donations

Posted at 11:34 PM, Apr 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-29 23:34:09-04

A tornado watch was over Elizabeth City, and there was the threat of a storm even as the scars from Friday's tornado were all around.

Homes were leveled in the storm, even those who didn't lose anything were without power for days.

A few miles away in downtown Elizabeth City, donations and supplies to the victims were coming in to Checkmates Bar.

Kendell runs Checkmates and cleared out the bar. Tuesday night wasn't about making money but taking in supplies and people in need.

He's stayed at his bar throughout the night, making it available for anyone who wanted to ride out the storm in a safer place.

"There's always somebody who's in a worse predicament than I am, so I just wanted to give a helping hand,” says Ferebee.

Over at Holy Trinity Community Center, people were getting healed in many ways.

Inside was for the soul, outside for the body.

Boxes of clothes took up the church's entrance.

”If you got any type of heart at all, you want to help people,” says Mark Brown.