Rising water brings back memories of Hurricane Floyd

Posted at 6:59 PM, May 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-02 18:59:54-04

Franklin, Va. - Recent rains have caused the Blackwater River to rise so much that flooding is forecast in Franklin through Saturday.

NewsChannel 3 was at Barrett's Landing Riverfront Park Friday as water from the river began inundating the boating docks. Minor flooding is expected.  Still, it brings back painful memories of what this city has been through before.

I hope and pray it never happens [again]. A lot of people have no idea," said Alice Drewry, who is from Franklin.  Drewry remembers how devastating Hurricane Floyd was to this area in 1999 as she sits having lunch in Fred's Restaurant downtown, a popular spot in town damaged by water. In fact, the restaurant has a sign posted outside its door so no one will ever forget 1999.

"It was quite rough because the telephones were out, the electricity was out. In fact, electricity was out, I think, for two weeks in Franklin," said Drewry.

Glenn Rawlings remembers how bad Hurricane Floyd was, too.

"The businesses down here were devastated. Friends and owners, they didn't get back rebuilt and back in their businesses until about June 2000. So, we were really taken aback in Franklin by this catastrophe," said Rawlings.

City officials are not expecting the water to rise too high this go-round. But if they do ever, the city has a plan, by using its reverse 911 call system to contact resident and business owners.  That's only if major flooding were to happen.  However, the water is expected to recede Saturday afternoon. But despite the forecast, the river brings back memories of years past.

"People in our community banded together and made sure everybody was going to have a reason to survive this and be stronger," said Rawlings.