Bring out the brooms: Hampton softball sweeps NSU

Posted at 12:00 PM, May 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-05 12:00:43-04

NewsChannel 3 went to Norfolk State University for some softball action, where it was Battle of the Bay.

The number two seed Norfolk State took on the number one seed Hampton Pirates.

Norfolk State's Nikki Jones at bat - she would pop one out to right field. Hampton would get the catch -- but over throws the ball past home plate -- Norfolk State's Whitney Williams would take advantage.

Hampton's Taylor Mccoy at bat -- she knocks one down the left field line. The Spartans would try to throw it home, but would over throw the ball past the home plate and that's a couple of RBIs for Taylor Mccoy.

Here comes the Spartans not giving up. Senior Nikki Jones - she just let's one fly right out of the ball park for the first home run of the game for the Spartans as she is welcomed home by teammates.

Back to the action -- Spartan Nikki Jones is back at bat, looking for another home run, but here Hampton's Taylor Clark with the nice mid field dive and catch.

Hampton's Taylor Mccoy back at bat would hit this one right down the middle for her third RBI of the day.

The Pirates would go on to win this one 7 to 6.

How fitting is it that the last regular season game come down to an out that's defensive?

Michael Pelegrino: "Yeah, we talk all the time about doing the little things and right there like hitting the cut off man."

"If Taylor Clark does not hit the cut off man, then who knows, we might still be playing, but that great job we preach little things all the time like getting bunts down defensively, hitting your cut off man, to keep runners from getting that extra base, that big play right there by the freshman."

Jailynn Jackson: "We want to win, we are driven, we're excited and we really think we are going to sink MEAC's again."

Taylor Mccoy: "It feels good especially going into tournment, we really wanted to do this, we really wanted to secure these three wins. Not only beacuse they are our rival, but because we have the tournament coming up."

Nikki Jones: "It's no thing to it, I know we have what it takes because I'm confident in my team's ability, I know that we are a good team and know that we have what it takes to win the championship."