All eyes on Emily Nolan

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-16 17:25:54-04

This week, some of the LGPA`s best golfers have returned to Williamsburg to compete in the Kingsmill Championship.  And while the main focus will be on the Stacey Lewis, the Paula Creamers, or the Christie Kerrs, all eyes will be on Emily Nolan.

The Walsingham Academy grad has a passion for golf. She volunteers as a standard bearer walking from hole to hole with the professionals.

So what’s running through her head with so many fans watching?

“Well first don`t trip and embarrass yourself.' 'I don`t really think they are looking at me. They are probably looking at the person with the club in their hand, but it’s still pretty incredible' and just the entire round running through my head is how lucky am I to be able to be standing next to somebody who has the skill that they do.' It’s just a real learning experience,” says Nolan.

Today she walked with fellow Alabama Crimson Tide, Kathleen Ekey and 5-time tour champion, Laura Diaz . But her favorite player is the pink panther herself Paula Creamer.

“Getting to be with her is just incredible because you see all these ladies on TV and then you`re standing next to them, and they are talking to you and asking you all these questions. She actually asked me about what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do with my future and play golf and talked about her dog actually,” says Nolan.

One day Emily would like to work for the Golf Channel.  But for now, she continues to play the game she has loved for so many years.

“It’s just, I don`t know how to describe this especially for junior golfers just being able to just come out here and stand next to your favorite golfers. It just sparks something in you, and it just makes you excited and it gives you that ambition to work on your game and become a better player,” says Nolan.

“It is a lifetime sport. It has taught me so much from starting at a young age. It taught me responsibility, accountability, and just how to be mature and present yourself in a way, and honesty and so I think that this game has helped me a lot with who I am and how I interact with people and how I hold conversations and it’s just fun. Overall it’s just fun,” says Nolan.

Having fun is what Emily Nolan is doing this week.