Jessica’s Journey: The next chapter

Posted at 11:03 PM, May 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-22 18:00:40-04

She's down 80 pounds and five dress sizes!

Now NewsChannel 3’s Jessica Larche has a closet full of beautiful TV clothes that are too big for her.

We've been telling you about her journey to get healthier over the years.

Now she's taking action in the next chapter.

"This [clothing] represents so much to me on my journey, where I started my journey, and I am ready to donate to someone who is ready to look fabulous in it right now.

Jessica donated her old wardrobe to Dress For Success Hampton Roads, an organization that helps disadvantaged women get back into the workforce.

They were in need of plus size clothing.

Jessica had the opportunity to meet one of the women who would benefit from her donation, Adrian. Up until this year she and her daughter were homeless. She spent four years in prison for writing bad checks.

"All my mind was on survival mode. I wasn't thinking about the consequences, I was just thinking about surviving," says Adrian. "There's never any excuse to ever do wrong or to commit any type of larceny in the law, and I don't excuse my behavior."

Now since she has been released, she has turned her life around with help from Dress For Success. These clothes have come at just the right time. She needs more business attire to wear to meetings for a program she started to help transport prisoners' family members to visit them behind bars.


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