Meaning of Memorial Day not lost as Suffolk students make up snow day

Posted at 5:30 PM, May 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-26 17:30:13-04

Lots of snow days a few months ago meant school on Memorial Day for students in Suffolk.

The news didn’t go over well with everyone, especially in a large military community. But at Northern Shores Elementary School, it wasn’t just another day in class. The school decided to go all out to make sure the meaning of Memorial Day wasn’t lost.

It started with a ceremony around the flagpole. A member of the Tidewater Bag and Drums played patriotic music and students learned about the holiday’s significance.

“What it means to me is celebrating people who have fought, who fought to give us freedom,” said one student.

From there, a mini-parade through a nearby neighborhood, and then back to the school where they created a human flag.

They took a picture with the help of local firefighters who lent their ladder truck.

Their annual Field Day games, which were rescheduled to today, were also patriotic themed.

And in between games, there was another chance for students to remember those in the military.

“We are writing thank you notes to our vets. We’re also sending those to active military personnel who are overseas. I do have a very large active military population here at Northern Shores, so we certainly try to remember them and let them know we`re thinking of them as they serve our country,” says Principal Tara Moore.

There were a few students missing from each class but they say attendance is much higher than anticipated on a snow make up day.