Bond denied for mother accused of putting prescription pills in children’s food

Posted at 7:44 PM, May 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-28 20:34:19-04

Even though Lorita Aiken is charged with trying to murder her two children, her defense attorney told a courtroom a psychiatric exam says she's "sane and competent.'

But that wasn't enough to sway the judge who denied bond for the mother.

Aiken is charged with poisoning her two children by putting prescription pills in their ice cream, cereal, apple sauce and candy bars.

In court, Aiken's husband spoke on her behalf and told the judge his wife won't be anywhere near their two children. They're living in Maryland with her mother.

Her husband also said he would transport her to and from her psychiatric appointments.

Previously in court, Aiken admitted to being depressed, and being on a mixture of prescriptions when police say she tried murdering her children.

A detective who responded to the home that night also took the stand today. He said Aiken's husband called 911 after he got home and found his wife and kids unresponsive.

The investigator relived the night adding that Aiken confessed to it all, and found a letter inside the home that read "you will never hurt me or the children again."

A few minutes after the detective spoke, Aiken's defense attorney said an exam showed she was sane and competent, but her family may look to get a second opinion.

The judge didn't agree and said there's no evidence ensuring that if he let the mother out on bond, she and her family would be safe.