Watch: Rabid fox attacks family’s dog

Posted at 11:48 PM, May 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-31 07:18:09-04

Norfolk, Va. - A rabid fox acted a Bayside family's dog Sunday. The fox went after multiple people, and would have bitten them if it were not for Jim Sullivan taking action for his neighbor.

"Soon as it seen me, it ran full force at my leg and hit it," Sullivan said.

The fox scurried away before coming back a couple minutes later.

"Once it re-awoke, it came at me again and I knocked it out again right by the bush," Sullivan said.

At this point, Animal Control was there trying to locate the fox who had hidden in some bushes.

Two officers shot at it, and the fox that wouldn't die lived up to his billing. Animal Control couldn't find the fox, so they packed up and went home.

Hours went by and evening approached. Sullivan and a friend spotted the fox down the street.The two cornered the fox, and waited for animal control to get there.

"It got up and started coming right at Mike," Sullivan said. "Mike ran back and a couple steps and just shot him."

There's still a stain on the asphalt where the fox bled before dying. Unfortunately, the dog it bit had to be put down after being infected with rabies.