18-year-old twin brothers face new charges in alleged sexual abuse of younger sister

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jun 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-04 18:02:06-04

Aaron and Benjamin Jackson didn't acknowledge NewsChannel 3's cameras as they walk into court. They stared straight ahead, avoiding eye contact.

The two 18-year-old twins are facing new sex crime charges against their younger sister. The charges are changing because the District Attorney tells NewsChannel 3 there was an error involving the age difference between the victim and her brothers.

"Basically in the indictments, the language in the statutory rape indicates the victim has to be at least four years younger than the defendant. She's actually two years younger than the defendants," District Attorney Jennifer Karpowicz told NewsChannel 3.

The twins are two of six brothers who are charged with sexually abusing their younger sister for more than a decade.

Wednesday's hearing was continued for next week, where the victim could possibly testify against her brothers.

The brothers' parents, John and Nita Jackson, are charged with child neglect. The Perquimans County Sheriff said they knew all about the alleged abuse and did nothing about it.

They are out on bond, and showed up to court today to support their sons, but they too ignored us.

The two will be in court again next Wednesday.