More details revealed about Norfolk rampage shooter in online postings

Posted at 7:43 PM, Jun 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-05 19:43:55-04

As Norfolk officers buried their colleague today, other investigators are digging into the killer's background. That's to learn how this happened and to see if what they find out can head off other rampages.

James A. Brown was a high-school dropout with a criminal record for attacking a deputy, and for carrying a gun with a high-capacity magazine. He was often unemployed and lived with his mother. Police say the reason behind his violent rampage Friday might be uncovered in interviews with his family, and by digging into his writings and his social life.

His Facebook account showed he had an interest in guns and martial arts. He also posted Bible verses about the mark of the beast, and he shared concerns that the government would implant radio chips in people. Neighbors say he always wore a holstered gun on his hip, but they never had any trouble with him.


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