Beach’s top earners get pay raises in addition to high-dollar yearly perks

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jun 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-17 18:43:28-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - A phased-in, two percent pay raise for all full-time Virginia Beach employees is also going to the city's highest earners, administrators who make more than six figures.

The City Council has the formality of signing off on the raises tonight; however, the paperwork included in the ordinances shows the raises for the top-paid workers are just a sliver compared to the high-dollar yearly perks they get.

The city clerk, Ruth Hodges Fraser, for example already makes $111,000. A raise would add another $2,000 a year, but she also gets $10,000 a year for a car allowance. City Attorney Mark Stiles gets the same car allowance, but he gets another $10,000 in deferred compensation from the city, typically money destined for a retirement account. His salary is $197,000, and the raise will boost his pay past $200,000.

The biggest perks go to the city manager, James Spore. His salary is more than $234,000. Add to that $20,500 in deferred compensation and a $12,000 yearly car allowance. Plus, the city pays the health-insurance premiums for the manager and his family. The two-percent raise will add another $4,600 to his salary.