Ensure summer vacation goes swimmingly with these travel tips

Posted at 1:19 PM, Jun 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-18 13:19:07-04

Canton, OH — School is finally out which means many families are ready to hit the road for summer vacation.

While travelers tend to focus on itineraries and suitcase contents, one important factor is often left out of travel preparation — security.

John White, Security Consultant and CEO Protection Management Associates, shares ten tips every tourist should consider before going away this summer.

1. Avoid taking any unnecessary valuables (such as jewelry).
2. Never leave valuables in your hotel room.
3. If you have to bring valuables, lock them away in your hotel’s safe.
4. Use traveler’s checks. Make copies, so if they are lost or stolen, a proper claim can be made.
5. Stay in well-lit areas and avoid wandering in unfamiliar neighborhoods.
6. Carry any money, credit cards, and ID’s in front pockets.
7. Only pull out the amount of money you need for each purchase. Flashing large amounts of cash could make you a target for theft.
8. If you’re being followed, call the police.
9. Don’t ask strangers to take your picture. They could run off with your camera.
10.  Place all valuables and important documents in carry-on bags.

Most importantly, White adds that vacationers should trust their instincts and take responsibility for their own safety when leaving the comfort of home this summer.

Jennifer Hunt