Grassroots effort brings Foo Fighters to Richmond, Va.

Posted at 3:34 PM, Jun 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-18 15:40:08-04

It’s official – the Foo Fighters will play in Richmond, following a grassroots effort by several guys in RVA.

On June 13, the Foo Fighters sent the following Tweet:

Four promoters behind the effort, ‘Help bring the Foo Fighters back to RVA!’ have accomplished what many thought was a “crazy, cool plan to bring the band back.” You see, the Foo Fighters have not played in the River City since 1998.

Organizers Andrew Goldin, Brig White, John McAdorey and Lucas Krost convinced 1,400 Foo Fighter fans to buy a ticket at $50 each, to a concert that did not exist, using Crowdtilt Open, WTVR reports. Nobody’s credit cards were actually charged unless the show sold out.

The band took notice of the grassroots effort a while ago, and more people jumped on board in the effort to raise $70,000. Sugar Shack Donuts and Brown’s Volkswagen each supported the effort by each purchasing 100 tickets. Then, on Friday the 13th, the news was posted to the band’s official Twitter page.

Read the entire story from WTVR/CBS 6, HERE.


That crazy plan to get the Foo Fighters to play RVA again, WORKED