Tired of traffic congestion around Hampton Roads? Relief may be on the way

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jun 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-18 23:21:56-04

If you're sick of sitting in endless traffic around the Tidewater area, a solution is on the way.

Today Governor Terry McAuliffe announced several projects that promise to ease congestion and make life a little easier for Tidewater residents.

This six-year improvement program allocates $13.1 billion to transportation improvements statewide. Work is scheduled to start July 1.

This program will also advance funding for the development of the Tide extension to Virginia Beach while also supporting two more trains to Norfolk and Virginia Port Authority rail projects.

These projects also include widening I-64 on the Peninsula, improving Military Highway, Turnpike Road, and Route 58 Interchange.

Crews also plan to improve 150 lanes of primary routes and 240 miles of interstate roads around Hampton Roads.

They will also address 29 structurally deficient bridges.

Here is the detailed breakdown of each local project:

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I-64 widening on the Peninsula –  The program fully funds the $144 million project to widen nearly 5.5 miles of I-64 from east of Yorktown Road (Exit 247) to west of Jefferson Avenue (Exit 255).  Improvements include adding a lane and shoulder, widening this section of I-64 from four to six lanes in each direction.  This section is currently the most congested section of the

I-64 Peninsula corridor. The widening is expected to occur in the median of the existing interstate, limiting the amount of right of way required to build the project and avoid impacts to existing interchanges. Construction is expected to begin in summer of 2015.

Route 58 Interchange improvements – The program also fully funds $31.5 million to rebuild the Route 58 Interchange in Southampton County. This project will relocate Route 742 with a bridge over the Route 58 Bypass. Loops, a ramp and a spur will be added to create an interchange. There is also a right turn lane to be added to accommodate the businesses along Route 58 Bypass east.  Right of way acquisition is under way for this project.

Military Highway in Norfolk – The project is fully funded at nearly $113 million.It will improve the southern section of Military Highway from Lowery Road to Broad Creek, from Broad Creek to the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks and the northern section of Military Highway near I-64 and Robin Hood Road. The three sections are now planned to be bundled into one Design Build project.  It will feature a continuous flow intersection, which moves left turning vehicles, conflicting with the opposing through movement, away from the main intersection. This will improve safety and move traffic more efficiently at the main intersection.

Turnpike Road in Portsmouth – The program completes $22.5 million in construction funding for this project. It will rebuild one mile of Turnpike Road (Route 337) from east of Frederick Boulevard to Constitution Avenue.

Transit improvements – The program advances funding for development of the Tide extension to Virginia Beach, capital improvements to support two additional trains to Norfolk and Virginia Port Authority rail projects