People taking selfies, looting Moyock family’s home destroyed after lightning strike

Posted at 2:15 PM, Jun 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-24 06:14:53-04

Moyock, N.C. - Tom and Tori Black, along with their 12-year-old daughter, live on Summit Farms Trail in Moyock. Their home was struck by lightning during the strong thunderstorms that hit the area on Thursday, June 19.

The home will now be demolished this week after the lightning sparked a fire that destroyed much of the home.

Instead of focusing on finding a new place to live after their home was struck by lightning last week, the Blacks have been putting up caution tape and 'no trespassing' signs.

"You just want to run over and beat them into the ground but then now I`m arrested, and I`m in jail and the house is burned down and she`s alone so you just stop for a minute, take a breath, and say OK take your picture and let us know when we can continue to put up the no trespassing signs," Tori and Tom Black told NewsChannel 3.

Since their home was hit, it's been the backdrop of photos.

"They brought their children and were taking selfies. Take selfies in front of the house. I just don`t have words. I mean, I can`t imagine taking a child in front of a home that`s burned down and let`s take your picture for Instagram in front of it," the Blacks said.

And some are doing much worse. They're stealing what's left of the Blacks' home.

"They were in the house, whatever they took they did it at their own risk. Everything is charred inside I can`t imagine there being anything salvageable, but I guess it was important to whoever decided to go in there."

But it's not all bad. Since their home was struck by lightning, there's been an outpouring from the community who are taking action to help the Blacks.

"You look at the looters, but you look at such overwhelming love and support, you kinda gotta laugh at people`s ignorance. There`s so much love it leaves us just speechless," they said.

But above all, the couple and their 12-year-old daughter are just grateful they still have each other after losing so much.

"She is a military child. We overcome everything. She`s like we`re OK so we just start over and keep on going we have each other. "

And they hope to one day rebuild in the very spot their home burned.

"The land is here, the neighbors are great, It`s home. Where else are we gonna go? This is our home."