Multi-Media Journalist

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jun 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-23 16:58:52-04

Job Title:  Multi-Media Journalist (MMJ)

Station:  WTKR WGNT TV   Norfolk, VA

Reports To:  News Director, Assistant News Director

Purpose/reason for this Position:

The primary responsibility is to gather and present stories for all daily newscasts.


  • Deliver compelling stories during every reporting shift
  • Enterprise ideas for News coverage
  • Writes, shoots, edits, produces and prepares for air all news stories assigned, including the delivery of those stories on tape or live from the scene.
  • Develops personal contacts within our service area and maintains regular contacts with those individuals.
  • Get involved in community organizations and represent the station at functions and events.
  • Present an image that fosters public confidence
  • Work as a photographer on an assigned daily basis; gathering news stories, by shooting and editing those stories.
  • Work with assignment desk, editors, producer and others to ensure factual, professional report.
  • Operate and maintain all assigned ENG equipment, including camera, laptop editor, video cards, etc.
  • Operate and maintain assigned news vehicle.
  • Contribute to the station’s website, as well as station and personal/professional social media on stories.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Experience with Final Cut Pro 10 and ENG cameras.  Ability to speak standard English and write grammatically correct English.  Experience in reporting, videography, editing and newsgathering.  Must possess a valid State Driver’s License (or be able to get one).


Dexterity to operate camera.  Vision to shoot and edit.  Ability to lift 100 pounds or more, as needed, of equipment consisting of camera, tripods, batteries, etc.  Ability to get into nooks, crannies, and high places to shoot video.  Works in all kinds of weather conditions. Dexterity for operating keys and buttons on computer.  Vision and hearing and vocal communication skills used to gather and report news.  Ability to use radios, audio equipment, telephones, etc. in newsgathering.

Education Requirements:

A four year degree in liberal arts or journalism is preferred and/or two years’ work experience.

Interested candidates should apply here.