Announcing WGNT News Powered by NewsChannel 3: Now Weeknights at 7pm!

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jun 24, 2014

Norfolk, VA. – NewsChannel 3 will once again be the first to break new ground. Announcing WGNT News Powered By NewsChannel 3: Now weeknights at 7pm!

On July 7th, WTKR NewsChannel 3 will premiere Hampton Roads’ first and only 7pm newscast on its sister station WGNT27. This groundbreaking newscast will be anchored by Laila Muhammad, Les Smith and Chief Meteorologist Patrick Rockey.

“Viewers should expect NewsChannel 3’s dedication to Taking Action and Getting Results, now at a time that gives people more flexibility on when they get their local news,” Tina Luque, WTKR’s News Director said.

NewsChannel 3 leads the way, again. Four years ago, NewsChannel 3 changed the way Hampton Roads watches local news when it premiered the area’s first 4pm newscast. The competition followed. Then, NewsChannel 3 premiered WGNT News from 7am – 9am. The competition followed NewsChannel 3 there as well. Now, NewsChannel 3 is breaking new ground at 7pm.

“WGNT News at 7pm is a newscast of convenience for our audience who may be at work or commuting during rush hour, plus it’s a local alternative to sitcoms and entertainment shows,” says General Manager Jeff Hoffman. “We are confident our audience will join Laila, Les and Patrick at 7pm.” Hoffman added.

NewsChannel 3 At 4pm and WGNT News from 7am – 9am regularly top the local newscast ratings.

This September, Celebrity Name Game hosted by Craig Ferguson will follow WGNT News at 7:30pm.