VIDEO: Man goes on driving rampage, slams into several cars in Chesapeake neighborhood

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jun 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-27 06:18:03-04

Chesapeake, Va. - A Chesapeake man has been arrested after police say he went on a rampage, slamming into garage doors, knocking out a front porch and hitting six parked cars along the way.

Shalomo Israel is locked up.  Anthony Jones tells NewsChannel 3 he was Israel's target after the two had gotten in a fight earlier in the day on Sunday. Jones says Israel was backing his car up at Jones' driveway as he sat on the porch.

"To turn around in my yard to back up and try to hit me on the porch," Jones said.

The porch is severely damaged. Jones had to be taken to the hospital after he says the bumper of Israel's car hit his leg.

Jones couldn't believe it was happening.

"He ain't thought to hit me, so he came back, he sped up a little bit so by the time I try to move, he bumped me a little bit," Jones said.

This only happened after police say Israel drove his car into a garage door. The car inside the garage was damaged, and pinned inside. The garage door needs to be fixed before it goes up again.

A witness tells NewsChannel 3 Israel then drove his car through neighbors' yards before getting to Jones'.

Neighbors say after he left Jones' home, Israel drove erratically down the block.

"He was just hitting everything as he passed it," said Angela Jenkins, who had her garage door hit. "He had, I mean, he didn't have control of the car."

The crimes happened in Chesapeake but Israel is in the Portsmouth City Jail. Police there say he hit an officer earlier in the day.

He also faces assault charges and six counts of unlawful damage in Chesapeake.