Beach neighborhood looking to take action after shots fired during violent fight

Posted at 4:39 PM, Jun 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-27 16:39:16-04

An accused gunman is behind bars after a scuffle turned violent at a Virginia Beach apartment complex on Wednesday.

No one was hurt but neighbors want change to stop the crime and worry no one will take action to make it happen.

Investigators say the fight took place at Manchester Village Condos. They say Isaiah Phillips, 19, brought a gun and fired at people standing in the courtyard.

"It makes me a little worried now," says neighbor Dave Teller.

Teller says he was home in bed when he heard about what he thought were firecrackers.

"It sounded like three of them went off and that was it," he says.

Knowing now that those were bullets and not firecrackers, Teller says the neighborhood needs to take action.

"That's not acceptable. We don't want that around here," he says.

But now Teller is worried no one will step up.

"We can't get enough people involved in it because you've got so many renters and they don't want us to be involved. They worry if they say anything or call the police or anything that they will retaliate on us," he says.

Teller says the next board meeting will be July 17th.