Father-daughter pageant dance wins hearts

Posted at 12:42 PM, Jun 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-27 12:42:13-04

Most girls get their sacred “father-daughter” dance that they dream of sometime throughout their life. Either at a elementary dance, sweet 16, or even at their wedding, but McKenzie Carey got hers at a pageant.

Mckenzie, a 12-year-old who lives with mitochondrial disease, which dramatically effects her speech and movement dances with her father, Mike Carey, a truck driver out of Georgia.

Carey performs an elaborate dance with his wheelchaired daughter. The routine includes the father making hand gestures and picking up his overjoyed daughter and spinning her around.

Mike and McKenzie’s touching video has become viral with more than 5 million views on YouTube.

This dancing duo has performed its seven routines ranging from two-step, classical waltz, hip-hop, and holiday numbers in over 20 pageants.

The new popularity has helped McKenzie’s GoFundMe page that has raised over $100,000 to help pay for medical expenses.

Brianna Teal